Choctaw Blossom Menu of Services

Relaxation Massage:

Combining Swedish Massage with other relaxing techniques from acupressure, craniosacral therapy, and energy work, our therapists will design the perfect session to help you unwind. You will leave with less tension, less stress, and feeling brand new!

30 Minute-$40.00

60 Minute-$75.00

90 Minute-$115.00

Therapeutic Massage:

Our therapists will use the best combination of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique, and other targeted methods to address areas that are holding tension or causing pain. We will address postural patterns that may leave you feeling more open, mobile, and relaxed.

30 Minute-$45.00

60 Minute-$90.00

90 Minute-$130.00

Hot Stone Massage:

A full session of hot stone massage is the perfect way to let heat sink down into tight muscles and get even more release from a relaxation massage. Volcanic basalt stones placed strategically on your body double as warm massage tools to put firm pressure to those hard-to-get knots and tense areas. A great way to warm up on a rainy day!

30 Minute-$45.00

60 Minute-$90.00

90 Minute-$135.00

Pre-Natal Massage:

For expecting mothers, there’s nothing like a good massage! We will position you so that you can comfortably enjoy a full body massage, no matter how far along you are! Let us pamper you with techniques that have been shown to reduce stress, decrease aches and pains, and in some cases, even make labor easier!

30 Minute-$40.00

60 Minute-$80.00

90 Minute-$120.00

Cold Stone/ Hot Towel Sinus Cure:

A 30-minute service, this treatment alternates heat and cold to help open and clean your sinus passages. If you have seasonal allergies, this treatment is incredibly helpful and much more fun than allergy medicine! Optional: The calming scent of lavender essential oil can be added for free to make this treatment luxurious.

30 Minute-$35.00


Add-On Services

Add-On: Aromatherapy $25

Our therapists will find the perfect essential oils to complement your session and turn an ordinary massage into a spa experience!

Add-On: Foot Scrub $15

Add this quick, 10-minute service onto any treatment, or come in to pep up your feet in a hurry! Hot towels, a scrub made in-house, and a rich, deep moisturizing food cream make this the treatment that will have you dancing out the door!

Add On: Hot/Cold Stone $20

We can incorporate either hot or cold stones into parts of your session that need a little something extra. Great for addressing headaches, knots, soothing congested sinuses.

Add On: Hot Towel Treatment $10

Moist heat has been shown to be very beneficial to penetrating down into tense muscles, increasing circulation to encourage healing, and opening pores to allow skin to accept more moisture. This simple add-on can take your massage to a whole new level, and can be used with or without custom aromatherapy to complete the experience.